Where is Pax.Green? The origins of Pax.Green's physical space goes back more than 4 million years (mas o menos), to the murky depths of the Western Pacific Ocean, where the Nazca plate insinuated itself under the South American continent and began drifting East at the relatively brisk rate of 4 centimeters a year. With pressure from this drifting plate, the earthern crust buckled upwards and produced the Andes mountains, home to our home.

Our home is in Mindo, a 1.5 hour, $3.60 bus ride from Ecuador's capital of Quito.

Surrounded by cloud forests, Mindo is a small pueblo, part of the region considered one of the planet's top 5 biodiversity hotspots. Over eons, clouds formed in Mindo when the Pacific's warm vapor met the cooling air of the Andes. The combination of moisture, warm tropical climate, and equatorial sunlight created an ideal spot for plants and all critters great and small. Mindo is rich with endemic species, i.e., species that evolved here and are found nowhere else.

If you visit us, we hope you become not just a guest but a collaborator. You can help us by contributing photos of birds and plants around the area; thse will become part of our growing database to help us monitor these forests. If you have teaching skills, perhaps you would be willing to mentor our students in English to help prepare them to compete in the global market for data services.