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Pax.Green = Sustainability Part bistro, airbnb, campus, and consulting service, Pax.Green is green workspace in the tropical Andes, where we train students from at-risk families to use Artificial Intelligence to track forests, biodiveristy, and poverty.

Our world is encoded with numbers. In this image, we selected one pixel from three objects. Each pixel is associated with numbers measuring the values of the red, green, and blue portions of visible light.
Using these values, Artificial Intelligence can analyze similar images to classify objects as being stone, moss, or water. Cool?
More cool. More tragic. Using similar technology with satellite images, we track deforestation in the Andes mountains. Red dots in the inset map identify areas where forest loss during the Covid pandemic surpassed 25% in a given area.

Forest loss has been attributed to illegal mining driven by poverty. To fight environmental destruction, we must also fight poverty.

In our green space in the tropical Andes, we are building a place for creative, knowledge-based work...

..where food comes from our on-site farm; energy from solar panels; and water from harvested rain

...where we train at-risk Ecuadorians for a future in the digital world by building applications addressing real-world problems

..where the sign at the door says, "No Smoking. No Racism. No Sexism."

Why not join us?

There's a place for you here.
If you want to visit, want to talk about your data needs, or just want to chat about sustainability, let us know how to reach you. Otherwise, contact us at email[at]pax[dot]green.

Be Inspired. Change the World.

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Why Pax.Green?
Where is Pax.Green?
We use Artificial Intelligence to track forest cover and biodiversity.
We built a system in the cloud to integrate school data for at-risk families.

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